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More about us

Who we are

Flip4Green is an initiative by Certes Realty to turn stacks of unused one-sided sheets into ready-to-use perfectly bound notebooks, so that everyone can use them to their maximum potential. Our vision is to re-use papers that have already been wasted.

What we do

We turn stacks of unused one-sided A4 sized sheets into ready-to-use perfectly bound notebooks, so that everyone can use them to their maximum potential. Our vision is to re-use papers that have already been wasted.

Why we do it

We believe that paper is a very precious commodity that we take for granted. Each year, millions of trees are cut down to produce paper. If we can reuse paper that is already with us, we can reduce the number of fallen trees.

Where we do it

While we encourage Paper conservation all over India, our collection drives are limited to Delhi-NCR right now. If you want to donate paper from outside Delhi and willing to courier them, please contact us right away.

Papers Donated

Agrante Realty 49389
GIREM 21039
Wishfield 18530
SSHT 12737
Lets Intern 4390


  • I am glad that I am associated with Certes Realty for this good cause. So much papers waste happens nowadays. It is very problem solving way that Certes has initiated. Wishing you all the success!
    Archana Gillani
  • Waste is no more waste… Certes Realty’s Flip4green, the CSR initiative is very practical and user friendly to deal with waste papers. I am proud that they have given us the opportunity to come forward for this green cause. High fives for you Certes!!!
    Dinesh Thakur
  • I like the idea behind. Which so convincing. I appreciate the kind of energy and ideas the F4G team is putting forward! Simple and effective way to ruse papers which could have gone to wastes. Great idea to promote saving tree method.
    Neha Bashir
  • Our Organization is obliged to be a part of Certes Realty in this noble endeavour. Wasting sheets has always aggravated us and our organization has always felt strongly in finding an alternative. With the advent of Flip4Green, our concern has been resolved. Now we can use the papers in house, and get beautiful notebooks from them. Three Cheers for You, Certes!
    Shyam Sundar, GIREM
  • GMA is happy to know about the good work the organization is doing.  GMA is sure that a modest beginning will lead to a great contribution towards environment improvement.  
    Dr. BL Malhotra, Secretary General- Gurgaon Management Association
  • Truly inspirational. Very good approach to save trees and reduce paper consumption which happens so frequently in offices. I really like your method and creativity to promote the ‘Save the environment’ message.Good work guys .Keep it up!!!
    Sharanya Singh
  • Certes Realty has evolved with an innovative move of saving papers. We are proud to partner with them in this noble enterprise. Our organization has always felt strongly to stop this wastage, but could not conclude in a framed manner. Now, with Flip4Green we can use those unused paper in house in creating beautiful notebooks. Keep up the good work, Certes!
    Ankush Ahuja, Agrante Realty
  • It was a great experience to get involved in flip4 green initiative of Certes.Their simple act of converting one sided used papers into beautiful ready-to-be used notebook is very effective. I really appreciate for letting us to be a partner with you. Cheers..
    Anurag Mohanti