Save Paper. Save Trees. Save Yourself.

save yourself

When was the last time you re-used a paper where only one side was printed upon? Don’t beat yourself up. It’s good to talk about in theories, but it’s not possible in real life.

Or is it?

Take a look at our Flip4Green initiative and you would be pleasantly surprised. We have successfully collected all one sided papers from our office and have made a usable diary out of it. Pretty cool, eh? We have named the Diary flip4green so that we can encourage people to do the same. It’s about time we do something for the nature.

Paper is not a very expensive commodity. Maybe that’s why we easily scribble out a line, and sometimes crumple up papers balls and have ourselves a game of paper-basketball with the dustbin in one corner. Next time you play the game, maybe you can modify the rules a little. Everytime you crumple up a paper without fully utilizing it, and it makes its way to the dustbin, you are awarded 1 cut-down-tree point.

Flip4green is more than just a concept that is presented for awards or innovative ideas. It’s a movement. Its simplicity and availability makes it easy for ANYONE to do it. Only, the WANT has to be there; a want to change ourselves, so that we don’t feel the need to waste paper.

You can have your own Flip4Green book at your office or residence. All you have to do is collect all the one sided, or under-used paper and just staple them together. That’s it!

If all of us save 100 pages of paper every month, we can help save millions of trees every year.

And that’s a FACT.

Bring a smile to the face of humanity; let your future generations have a shot at life as we know it.

Save Paper. Save Trees. Save Yourself.