Touched a thousand hearts!

touching thousands

How do you define success of an idea? Is it when you stop to celebrate it? Or when you push even harder because the cause doesn’t let you sleep at night? We have clocked a thousand ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

We have reached a thousand supporters, a thousand believers and a thousand awakened souls. But we’re not stopping to celebrate…because your belief in our idea doesn’t deserve for us to rest.

For us, thousand is not just a number. It is the fact that a thousand more people like us; believe in what we stand for. We are not alone in our endeavor as we have a family of a thousand members to bank upon for trust and support.

Now, more than ever, we want to achieve what we set out for. Not just for ourselves anymore, but also for the thousand more who hope to make this world a better place along with us. And most importantly, the thousands more have decided to ‘Do’ instead of just ‘think’ and worry about it.

They say ‘Success’ is not a destination. It is a journey. Well, here it is – An ode to you for becoming our beacon on this journey. May we meet more like-minded people and include thousands more to this family of ours. Who believe in what we do, and do what we believe to be best for Mother Earth.

May we keep ‘Flipping’ a thousand times over!


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