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Certes takes Flip4Green idea to PHDCCI, GMA | Flip4Green

Certes takes Flip4Green idea to PHDCCI, GMA

In a major fillip to Flip4Green, a CSR initiative by Certes Realty Limited to save trees, the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PHDCCI) has decided to embrace this concept, and it will also encourage all its members to join hands with Certes which will help in saving the environment.

Under the Flip4Green initiative, volunteers collect used A4 sheets from corporates, schools, and other organizations, and these are converted into single sided note-books which are further distributed among the children from weaker sections of society. Ramesh Menon, Director Certes said that this initiative has helped in collecting 9.7 lakh used sheets which were converted into 39,000 notebooks. “We were able to save 12 trees, and if this initiative keeps spreading than the day is not far when we will be able to salvage a large majority of waste paper from offices, and turn it into note-books which can be given to kids from weaker sections”, he added.

Notably, these note-books are also made by women who come from under-privileged background, and are supported by Certes in this unique initiative. The Gurgaon Management Association (GMA) has also agreed to support Flip4Green, and to do this various member organizations have been asked to contribute the used sheets so that these can be given to students as notebooks. Menon says that as per an analysis if used office sheets which are printed on one-side, are put to reuse than paper consumption can be reduced by 40 per cent. He also believes that recycling is an expensive process, and it uses lot of power, water, and chemicals which makes it a resource intensive. Certes believes that if this idea is taken to industry in the entire country then this simple step could save paper, and help in protecting the trees



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