Flip4Green carries out eco – awareness drive at Jahanpanah forest

A successful effort to make people aware about conservation of trees by converting one-sided sheets into ready-to-use perfectly bound notebooks was organized at Jahanpanah city forest in Delhi by Flip4Green. Early morning visitors to this forest were given crumpled sheets of paper, and asked whether they could use these for writing. With majority of the people saying that this was not possible, the Flip4Green volunteers presented them with F4G notebooks, and explained the entire concept of how used one-sided sheets were being procured from corporates, and turned into notebooks.

Rakesh Sharma, an early morning visitor said that he was surprised at the innovative concept behind these notebooks as these could save trees in large numbers. “I will try and see paper in my office could be used for this purpose. We have already lost enough trees, and this inititiative could save greenery in a big way”, said Sharma. The Flip4Green initiative has been launched by Gurgaon based Certes Realty, a firm which is committed to deliver quality real estate to it’s customer, and also work responsibly to safeguard ecology and environment. Ramesh Menon, Director, Certes Realty says that their vision is to save maximum number of trees by using wasted paper sheets which are used to make notebooks. “We have tied up with a number corporates in Delhi, and NCR who give the sheets. These sheets are given to a team of women who are from underprivileged section, and they work to convert this waste paper into usable notebooks”, tells Menon.

To make people aware about the concept of Flip4Green, the volunteers visit different schools, offices, and public places and discuss this concept with people. At the Jahanpanah forest, the volunteers interacted with people, and gave each person a F4G kit (made out of newspaper) which comprised two badges – so that they could keep one and give the other to someone they knew, two Special Edition F4G notebooks, and one F4G Sticker.

Menon says that idea behind Flip4Green is that a large number of A4 sheets are used for printing in offices, and these are discarded after being used from one side. “The goal is to motivate the corporates to send sheets for recycling so that another layer of usage is added, in between”, he reveals. Another positive is that these sheets are turned into notebooks, and scrapbooks by differently – abled women, who take this up as a paying vocation, and move towards self-sufficiency with dignity. For corporates the added attraction is that Flip4Green notebooks are also affixed with logos, and customized covers, and this is also the reason that these are turning popular among executives as well as school children.

Dated: 14th Feb 2014




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