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Flip4Green initiative by Certes hailed by PHD Chamber, to take it to next level | Flip4Green

Flip4Green initiative by Certes hailed by PHD Chamber, to take it to next level

Flip4Green an environment friendly initiative by Certes Realty Ltd has been highly appreciated by the members of PHD leadership team who used the F4G notebooks made from used A4 sheets in their board meeting held on March 19 in Delhi. The PHD Chamber of Commerce has said that their member organizations would love to embrace this initiative, and take it next level as this is a great way to save trees, and protect the environment under increasing stress. Ramesh Menon, Director, Certes Realty Ltd, a real estate company specializing in Delhi land and farmhouses, says that they want to spread this concept which is about collecting used A4 sized sheets from offices, and schools and converting them into single side notebooks which can be used again, and particularly by children from weaker sections of society.

Notably, these notebooks are made by a group of women who were looking for regular income, and have been employed by Certes Realty Ltd as part of this CSR initiative. Menon tells that a large number of schools in Delhi and NCR as well as offices have agreed to participate in this initiative as it will go a long way in saving trees in the country. The Gurgaon Management Association has also agreed to participate in making eco-friendly notebooks, and spreading the concept among the members. Recently, students at Pathways school were also made aware of the importance of converting used sheets, and they have agreed to become the brand ambassadors of this idea.



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