Let’s Begin

Donate paper

You can be part of this cause by opting to donate paper. The process is fairly simple.

  1. Just collect all the one-sided prints in your office that are no longer of use.
  2. Tie them up in bundle or group them together.
  3. Give us a call to inform about the date and time of delivery.

Note – Make sure any paper used there are of no further use before you put it in the pile.


Invite us to collect

We understand that sometimes it is impossible for you to donate paper because of lack of time or staff. That is why we have made a provision of Pick-up.

If you wouldn’t be able to deliver the papers, give us a call and we will send someone over to collect paper from your office.

Just tie the papers or properly group them so that the collector can bring it back easily.

Note – Make sure you collect paper for a longer time so that the collector doesn’t have to make multiple or frequent trips.


Donate Time

While paper is an important part of our initiative, we would also like to spend some time with you, so that we can talk and innovate more about how we can save paper.

You can also be a part of the cause by calling us over to your organization for an activity or event to increase understanding about our initiative, among your employees.

Employees are the most important link for our movement in an organization, as they are the ones that constitute the highest to paper consumption.

Give us a call or drop in an email to contact@flip4green.in to contact us.


Spread Awareness

Besides donating paper, there are other ways to help the cause and spread awareness about the issue at hand.

You can call us or write us an email at joinus@flip4green.in to know more about what you can do from your office or individual efforts.

We make it clear to all our partners that we neither expect nor accept any monetary offerings and are only interested in acquiring used paper.