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Create your own F4G notebooks

You don’t have to send papers to Flip4Green to become environment conscious. The belief comes from within. You are a Flip4Green member when you proactively save paper. That’s the point.

Today we’ll tell you how you can create your own Flip4Green Notebooks.

Following is a list of things you’ll need to create your own notebook:

  • Single side used A4 sized sheets.
  • Adhesive
  • An old magazine cover (of your choice)
  • Paper cutter or a pair of scissors
  • A stapler

Now while all of these materials can be easily found in a regular home/office, one wonders how we don’t do things like this enough. Creating these notebooks is a fairly simple process.

  • Collect
    To create these beautiful notebooks, you will need one-sided papers. We suggest that you place a box or a basket near your printer at home/office for collection of used A4 sized sheets. Place a sign to request people to drop of sheets when they are no longer of need.
  • Collate
    Once you have collected enough number of sheets, to create 4-5 notebooks atleast, you have to assemble the sheets in such an order than all of the used sides are facing one side. To make it simpler, you can assemble the sheets with the unused side faced up in stacks of 25-50 sheets each.
  • Cut
    After you’ve assembled the sheets, fold them carefully down the middle of its width. This will give you a crease that divides your stack into 2 bundles of A5 size. Now, carefully cut down the crease and put the stacks separately. 
  • Staple
    When you have an A5 sized bundle of sheets in your hand, carefully staple at the spine a couple of times. Make sure, you give some space between the two staples so that it doesn’t come apart easily later.
  • Paste
    Now pick a Magazine cover of your choice and fold. Apply the adhesive down the middle of the spine inside. Also, put some on the spine of the stack of sheets. If you do not wish to use a magazine cover, you can also use any paper you want, or you can just use another A4 sheet to act like a cover. Once you have applied the adhesive, put the notebook inside the cover and keep pressed for 10 seconds.

Leave your newly created notebook to dry for 5 mins, and then Voila! – They’re ready for use.

Repeat procedure for the remaining number of sheets and create notebooks for your boss, colleagues, family and friends.

Real power is not knowing that you can use it, but knowing when you must.

Create your own notebooks and contribute in your little way to the F4G initiative.

Write to us about how you created your beautiful notebooks and send some pictures. We would like to spread your experience on our website for others to take encouragement from.