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Frequently Asked Questions | Flip4Green

Frequently Asked Questions

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About F4G

  • What is F4G?

    F4G stands for Flip4Green. It is an initiative by Certes Realty to turn used A4 sized sheets into notebooks that can be used in offices and homes.

  • Is F4G open to individuals?

    F4G is open to everyone. Individual are not just welcome, but encouraged, to participate in F4G and spread our initiative. There are some points to note though. In a household, understandably, A4 sized paper are used less frequently than corporate offices. So you might want to collect paper for a longer time to make the collection worthwhile.

Being a part of F4G

  • How do I join F4G?

    There are several ways to become a partner with F4G. You may find all the information you require about F4G here.

  • Is there a membership fee to join F4G?

    There is no membership fee required to join F4G. We would like you to note that we do not demand any sort of monetary affiliation from your side. If someone approaches or contacts you with any financial demands, claiming to be associated with Flip4Green, we urge you to notify us immediately.

  • How do I donate paper?

    You can donate paper by calling us to your office/home for paper pick-up or drop them off at our address. For more details click here.

  • How often do I need to donate paper?

    It is entirely your decision. You can donate paper anytime you wish. For paper pick-up and collection, however, we would recommend that you collect for a while, so that the assigned collector doesn’t have to make frequent trips. Fuel is also a very precious commodity and we should plan such that only what’s needed is used. You can assign a corner in your office or home to keep these stacks of paper, which aren’t going to take much space.

  • Is there any limit to the number of sheets we can donate?

    There is no limit to the number of sheets you can donate. But if you want us to arrange for a pick-up, please make sure that you have collected atleast 400 sheets. It would be counter-productive to the environment, if we send someone for pick-up for any less number of sheets.

  • Can people from outside Delhi NCR join the initiative?

    Yes. We already have a few partners from outside Delhi NCR who support the F4G cause. But, being an out of station partner has its challenges. Following are the ways that you support the cause from other parts of India:

    • Donate Paper – If you’re willing to bear the cost of shipping the paper to us, we will bear the cost to send the notebooks back to you. Please note that you can send only 100-250 sheets at one go. Send us an e-mail to get more details.
    • Ask for tutorials – However, as the aforementioned option may turn out to be quite expensive for both the parties, we would advise you to contact us for tutorials. We will send you a video about how to make F4G notebooks at your office. We will happily send customized F4G covers for your hand-made notebooks, bearing your logo and name.
  • Can I donate any kind of paper?

    No. Only A4 sized sheets that have just one used side can be used to turn into F4G notebooks from our side. Our endeavor is to use papers to their maximum utility. If a paper has already been printed on both the sides, it has fulfilled its purpose. Newspapers can’t be used by us as they’ve already been printed on both sides. And although we would’ve liked to use other sizes of paper, A4 is the most commonly used size in offices and homes.
    However, if you wish to make your own notebooks at home/office, you can use paper of any size that you have available. At the end of the day, this is what Flip4Green is about.

  • How can I get notebook with customized covers bearing my organization’s logo?

    Once you have sent papers across for your Flip4Green notebooks, we will contact you for the open files of your logos. These files make sure than your logo comes out accurately and clearly on your customized covers.

  • How can I get some F4G notebooks without waiting for paper availability?

    Like our Facebook page. We hold regular contest and activities, and the winners stand a chance to win free Flip4Green notebooks from our side.

My F4G Account

  • I have private information in our papers. How can I be sure that information is not going to get leaked to someone else?

    We understand that some of these papers hold important data about the company and its workings. We have worked hard to create a system through which all of a company’s paper will only be used to make notebooks for them. Moreover, if we see any contact number or important detail from our side, we will cross it out with black markers.
    Only with your permission will we use papers to make notebooks for general public use. We have a separate bundle for papers that are non-segregated individually.
    We suggest that you hold onto paper with confidential information with you. The other things we will take care of.

  • Can I get notebooks without contributing paper?

    Yes. You can contact us to receive notebooks without making paper donations. But it will depend on the availability of paper for this use specifically. Only when we have available paper from likeminded people, will we be able to furnish your request. The requests will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and, understandably, due to shortage of paper, you may order no more than 5 notebooks at one time.

  • Am I going to get too many e-mail notifications?

    No. We’ll make sure that you get e-mails only on registration and important notices like collection drive and collection co-ordination.

  • How do I close my account?

    Although, we would be sad to see you go, we would understand if you did not wish to be a part of the initiative anymore. You can close your account by clicking here.