Idea behind Flip4Green

FLIP4GREEN LOGOFlip4Green is a CSR initiative by Certes Realty focused on putting back to use one-sided wasted sheets by converting them into green notebooks for re-use.

Idea Behind

In offices & homes, a fair amount of A4 sheets are used for printing, which are typically discarded / destroyed after using it from just one side. Many of those conscious, send them for recycling, after one use. What we try to do is add one layer of usage, in between. This is ‘Flip4Green’.


We re-use these sheets by using the second side, as scrapbooks / notebooks, after attractively binding them with the Corporate logos, customized covers etc. Not just that, we also entrust this responsibility to women who are differently abled, to encourage them to take up a paying vocation, and support themselves with dignity.



Collect One-sided sheets from your office –> Bind them into F4G notebooks –> Deliver notebooks back to you


We believe that our initiative should go beyond the clichéd ‘Green’ approach, and be more inclusive to bring about measurable change. We’ve been careful about our paper usage, and have consciously made an effort to ensure that we utilize the same paper multiple times, before finally being discarded / sent for recycle.


Having encountered success in both education & implementation of Flip4Green, we have expanded and extended its reach towards select friends and organizations. We believe that if we reuse the one-sided prints in our offices, we will be able to decrease paper consumption by nearly 30%. Our vision is to promote an office culture where A4 sized sheets are sent for recycling only after being used to their maximum utility.


Under this initiative, we do not expect or accept monetary donations. The only things we ask our partners are –


  • Used papers – One-sided A4 sheets
  • Time for events – To participate and encourage our F4G Team
  • Willingness to spread awareness – To lead to greater impact


By using the “wasted” one-sided prints to develop notebooks, we are aspiring to cut down paper consumption by 40% in offices.