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People Behind F4G | Flip4Green

People Behind F4G

Flip4Green is a unique initiative by CERTES Realty Ltd. CERTES Realty is a Real Estate advisory enterprise specializing in land and specialized products created on owned land assets.

The key people who envisioned and understood the need for a program like Flip4Green in CERTES are –


Ramesh Menon

certes director 1

Mr. Ramesh Menon is a Delhi University graduate. Fond of biking and seeing the world around, his main passion lies in doing things with a different perspective. Belonging to the real estate industry since 2005, he believes in being all-comprehensive when it comes to delivering a service. Under his co-founded endeavour, Certes Realty Ltd, one can get the most constructive advice on lands and beyond like none other.

To be a part of an initiative or to initialize one is something Mr. Ramesh Menon does with all his heart – just like the way he loves biking or ardours land matters. Flip4Green is one such endeavour where he has taken up a cause close to the nature, starting from his own office. He plans to take this further by inviting all his industry friends to join the cause and also inspire a lot more public, so that the initiative can have an actual impact.


Ajay Dabas

certes director 2

Mr. Ajay Dabas co-founded the company, Certes Realty Ltd, with the same intention of delivering best of land services in Delhi & Gurgaon. As an expert advisor in land sourcing and development business, Mr. Dabas has also been part of the Hospitality, Supply Chain and Real Estate industries in USA and India. He believes in putting all his efforts in actualizing an idea that delivers desired results. This conviction adds to his persona the humbleness to work towards a noble cause like Flip4Green.

Engaged in other initiatives as well along with Mr. Ramesh Menon, he is one person perceived for few words and more action. He feels close to the initiative Flip4Green and believes in the potential of its success with complete confidence in the thought behind the idea.