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Vision behind | Flip4Green

Vision behind


Our vision is to promote an office culture where A4 sized sheets are sent for recycling only after being used to their maximum utility.

We believe that if we reuse the one-sided prints in our offices, we will be able to decrease paper consumption by nearly 40%.

Whether you go for a meeting with the employees, proposal for a client, print important documents or just want to have a hard copy of text, everything in a modern office revolves around printed A4 sheets.

Recycling is an expensive process in itself. It requires a lot of electricity, water and oil to recycle a ton of paper. Hence, using the paper on both sides and then sending it to recycling will help the environment more.

We wish to take this idea global so that all corporate offices and individuals understand the simple steps to save paper. Help us realize this objective.

Flip it, Save it!